The original soundtrack made for FEZ was created by Rich Vreeland, who goes by the name Disasterpeace. The songs are modern-retro, using chiptune and 8-bit sounds and synths. The soundtrack, along with Rich's other works, is available on his website.


  • Adventure
  • Puzzle
  • Beyond
  • Progress
  • Beacon
  • Flow
  • Formations
  • Legend
  • Compass
  • Forgotten
  • Sync
  • Glitch
  • Fear
  • Spirit
  • Nature
  • Knowledge
  • Death
  • Memory
  • Pressure
  • Nocturne
  • Age
  • Majesty
  • Continuum
  • Home
  • Reflection
  • Love

Hidden imagesEdit

Several of the tracks featured in the FEZ OST have secret images hidden within the frequencies of the music.

Puzzle: A Hyphen within a hexagon

Beyond: Picture of Locke from Lost with an orange slice in his mouth

Progress: Heart from the game

Beacon: First step on the moon

Flow: Harry Truman, 33rd president, as a freemason

Legend: Letter V, or the square in the freemasonry symbol

Compass: A silhouette of a person next to an apple on a pole

Forgotten: The number 6 in D'ni from MYST

Fear: 14,25,00

Spirit: A QR code, that when read will show 10 different years describing various aerospace-related events.

  • 1955 - "Space Race" began
  • 1958 - NASA was founded
  • 1960 - Apollo program conceived
  • 1961 - First man in space
  • 1967 - Outer Space Treaty signed
  • 1969 - First man on the moon
  • 1971 - First Apollo lunar rover launched; First Mars rover launched
  • 1977 - First Voyager space probe launched
  • 2003 - Columbia space shuttle disaster
  • 2005 - Deep impact probe launched

Memory: A smiley

Age: A list of numbers inside a hexagon

Majesty: Crucifixion (Corpus Hypercubus) by Salvador Dali

Continuum: Eye of Death by M.C Escher


Love: Rover from the show The Prisoner, shown with Number Six


The FEZ and D'ni numeral systems are built very similarly, and it's possible that the system in FEZ is inspired by the one in MYST

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