A list of things on this wikia that needs to be worked on or created, please add your username below the task if you're working on it, and if the task is complete, remove it from the list completely.

  • Pictures. Please help with expanding the gallery with pictures of places and NPCs etc. GIFs are appreciated when suitable.
  • Dialogs. Phrases that are missing on the pages for the characters in the starting village and Dot (no need to add every one of Dots phrases).
  • The biggest task is to map out all the levels and rooms in FEZ, this is a huge task that needs the help of many people. If you want to start with this then give the hub a fitting name (e.g the room with a huge waterfall should be named 'Waterfall Hub'), link the new room page on this page.
    • aaay (I'm working on this task, starting with the area that the player starts in. I've created a page called Village, and started expanding from there.)

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